donderdag 26 april 2018


As I share my journey with you, I will first start off with an introduction. This will be the guidance through this blog. MY STORY will be told in chapters and published each week. There will be exciting moments, sad stories, private moments and moments of laughter and joy. I want to share my journey because I believe in expressing feelings, whether it’s through writing or telling. I hope people can relate to my story and think about certain things, whenever reading. Was the journey all worth it? You tell me!

My name is DaniĆ«l Pitti (22) and I was born and raised in Suriname, South America. I am truly blessed with an amazing childhood. Playing outside, having fun and didn’t worry about anything were my daily activities. I met my life time friends in kindergarten, but we are sadly separated by distance now. When I finished high school, I was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad (Amsterdam). Arriving in the Netherlands, my life suddenly changed in many ways. I made new friends, I experienced being independent (not financially), travelled and partied a lot. Oh.. and studied. (bachelor’s degree in business economics). I think the most fun part of studying abroad and living by yourself, is the fact that you are welcomed in the ‘adult life’. But it’s a very scary welcome, I can tell. Remember when we couldn’t wait to grow up? Well..think again!

My life in Amsterdam wasn’t all 'glamorous'. We all know that being a student and enjoying life to the fullest doesn't really get along. But I managed, and I am proud of myself. Discipline, dedication, hard work and setting priorities were key. I was really enjoying my life in Amsterdam and I signed for another two years (after my bachelors) to start and finish my master program. But In an instance this amazing Amsterdam life changed…. 
I wasn’t enjoying my life like before, I didn’t want to wake up for university and was always in a bad mood. The days were long, I could not fall asleep as my mind was running wild the moment I had to go to bed. There was an empty space and the scariest part about that was: I got this anxiety coming whenever being by myself. I realized my life was going too fast and had to take a step back. Not tomorrow, not after my masters but NOW! I believe that the best way to face and deal with a problem, is to admit that there is a problem.

Struggling and accepting the fact that I had taken a step back, a new opportunity came on my path. I always believed that every ending is a new beginning and life proved me right at that moment. I got an opportunity to work as a flight attendant (which I always wanted to do for a small period of time). This for a company (X) in the middle east. My family wasn’t happy about it, but fully supported my decision. To be able to make my own decision was something that felt very good and that feeling I will cherish forever. Too many (life) decisions are made for us, but I believe we must make them ourselves (at a certain age). This to take responsibility and deal with everything that comes with it. I can tell that whenever you make your own decision, you really follow your heart and that’s what it is all about, doing what makes and will make you happy. Remember! There is no such thing as a bad decision. It is either a good one or a lesson. Now back to the fact that my family wasn't happy about it, which I can understand. let’s be honest we all hear these stories about the middle east (whether they are true or not) and especially the culture differences. Also, the reviews about the company didn’t give me a smile, joy or excitement to make the decision to go.

Putting all my thoughts together, listening to my inner self and the fact that God listened to my dreams, I made the decision to give it a try (for at least 6 months), but only under the condition that I can leave whenever I want. Sleepless nights, anxiety, joy and excitement, the time was finally there. On the 20th of January 2018 I left for my new chapter in life and that’s where the hell started….

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